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Title:  River
Series:  Deadly Intent Book #1
Author:   Marie York
Release Date: September 27, 2015

River Ryan is used to getting his way. Girls, parties, drugs... As the lead singer of Deadly Intent, he's got the rockstar lifestyle down pat. But when journalist, Harper James, shows up to follow the band around for an article, River just sees her as another groupie. Little does he know, Harper is actually a spy for the label, and they want him out. 

An unlikely love story about love on the road and how two people who couldn't be more different actually fit together perfectly.

River is the first book in Marie York's new Deadly Intent Series.  Deadly Intent is the hottest rock band around and River Ryan is the lead singer.  River is his story.  

In the book we are introduced to the other members of the band Deadly Intent, but the main focus is on River.  At first glance River is not a very likeable hero.  He's into drugs, alcohol, and women.  He feels like he's entitled because he's a rock star.  He knows girls like him and want him and he takes advantage of that.  He also snorts cocaine and drinks up a storm.  I'll be honest and say that at the beginning of the book I really had no respect for River and didn't see that changing.  

Then Harper entered.  At first I thinks he felt the same way I did about River.  She thought he was a complete jerk (and he was).  He slammed the door in her face and was outright rude to her.  Harper is a reporter for Rock Star magazine.  She's hired to go on tour with the band and to do an indepth report on them.  River sees her as paparazzi and wants her to leave.  

But Harper eventually manages to see through River's public persona.  She meets the man beneath and sees why he is the way he is.  He and all the band members have dark pasts.  Since Harper has her own issues she understands.  They manage to heal each other.  

Of course, there is a betrayal in the book, but once they get past that you know that they'll be together forever.  

I really liked the first book in this series and can't wait to read more about the Deadly Intent band.  I give River 4 STARS!

Marie York is an American writer who works the corporate circuit by day but come nightfall transforms into a steamy writer. She loves the city life and a good cocktail.

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