Thursday, February 16, 2017


Title:  Claimed by Two Masters
Series: BDSM Connections Book #3
Author:  Claire Thompson
Release Date:  February 17, 2017

One submissive. Two Masters. Three hearts. 

Shea O’Connor has a secret. Beneath the façade of a proper, vanilla young lady lurks a dirty girl who dreams of whips, chains and a Master to claim her. When she finally gets up the courage to explore her darkest fantasies at a local BDSM club, her world explodes with possibilities, including submission to not one but two sexy Masters. 

Steve Hartman and Zach Wilder are more than just best friends; they are sensual sadists, sharing a dungeon where they train women in the art and passion of erotic submission. As they initiate Shea into the world of BDSM, peeling away layer after layer of shyness, modesty and resistance, Shea is not the only person experiencing soul-level transformation. Steve and Zach’s cardinal rule of keeping their hearts out of their training is sorely tested. 

Each new experience draws Shea deeper into a world of intense D/s that leaves her breathless and longing for more. The trouble is, relationships can get complicated, especially between three. The last thing either guy expected was to fall in love—with the same girl. 

Editor’s Note: Claimed by Two Masters is a M/f/M ménage. Book Three of BDSM Connections is a full-length, stand-alone story. The series may be read in any order.

Once again Claire Thompson has a hit on her hands. Claimed by Two Masters is the story of innocent Shea and Doms Steve and Zach. This is the third book in the BDSM Connections series, but it could definitely be read as a standalone. The other characters show up in this book, but they are not central to the plot so the books could be read out of order easily with no confusion (a big plus in my opinion). Shea is curious about BDSM. She's never explored anything like that and she is very innocent and shy. She goes to a club just to watch and there she meets Steve and Zach. The two convince her to try a little spanking scene and she freaks out. But there is definite chemistry there. The two Doms convince Shea to give it a try again and to let them train her. Shea agrees and their relationship begins. What begins as just BDSM and submissive training turns into love and a menage.

Steve and Zach are both strong, dominant, and sexy. They both have their own hangups and issues that they have to get past and they both have their own way of doing things. While Steve seems more dominant, at times Zach definitely takes on the role. They balance each other out perfectly. Shea is new to all of this, but she takes everything they give and gives back even more. When the three realize that their relationship is more than trainee and trainers it's wonderful.

Claimed by Two Masters, like the other books in this series, is tamer than a lot of Claire Thompson's other books, but the passion and sexiness is still there. While I like some of the wilder books, this is an easy read and perfect for someone just looking to start reading this genre. It's a great introduction to Claire's work and the scene. I loved it and give Claimed by Two Masters FOUR AND HALF STARS!

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