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Finding Their Bliss by Thianna D - Book Tour

Brent Carmichael loved Corbin's Bend. A small community at the base of the Rocky Mountains just for spankofiles, he worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly and that the residents were safe and happy. He never intended1! to fall in love but when Charmagne Kendle stumbled into his life, he found an attraction he had no intention of fighting.

Char moved to Corbin's Bend after losing her job, her apartment, and her fiancé all in one day. She had no idea she was actually moving to a spanking community but with the freedom to explore her secret fetish, she found herself happily upended over Brent's lap.

As their relationship deepened into domestic discipline, her ex appeared wanting her back. Now she had to choose. The rich, handsome, and charming Nathan Korven or former police officer Brent Carmichael. To find her bliss, there was really only one choice.

She woke up suddenly, making one of those startled movements where she sat up before she was fully awake, breathing hard and clutching her chest where her heart was beating madly. “Hello?” she called, though unsure why.
A creak to her right surprised her and she turned her head just as a small lamp came on. Brent walked quickly to her side. “Headache?” he asked, reaching out a hand to touch the side of her face gently.
“Nightmare. What are you doing here?” She immediately felt stupid for the question as the evening before came back to her. “Sorry. I forgot.”
His lips quirked. “Hitting one’s head hard can do that. How are you feeling?” His deep voice was calming and very reassuring for some reason. Without thinking about it, she curled back into bed, her heart beginning to slow down to normal.
“My head hurts a little,” she admitted. “Mostly I just feel… scared.” Later on she would worry at having admitted to such a thing, but here in the dark it felt right.
“That also is normal. You’ve just had a large move, you're still unpacking, and you have now been in an accident. Any one of those would be jarring, let alone all three.”
That reminded her. “My truck?” She hoped it could be repaired easily. It was only a couple years old and she really did not want to buy a new one.
“Lelo said the back end is caved in. He will take it to his house tomorrow and check it out. If anyone can fix it, he can.” He smiled gently at her and she nodded. Her mother told her never to accept charity from strangers and she would be sure to pay this Lelo person, but for now she would just accept their generosity. “And Kelli got all your food put away. She says you will probably want to rearrange it to how you want it, but it's all in your pantry.”
“Tell them thank you,” she murmured as she felt herself become hazy.
“I will. Would you like a pain pill before you go back to sleep?”
She never knew if she answered him.
When she woke up, she saw that this time there was light coming in her windows, the pure white of new snow rather than sunlight, but right now she was happy it was no longer nighttime. Now, in the light of day, she was embarrassed to have let a stranger carry her all over the place, let alone stay at her house all night. Plus, two other strangers had been in her house last night. This could be dangerous. She needed to draw the line that would tell these people to back off.
Friendships were dangerous, and she did not want to get hurt again. Taking a deep breath, she struggled to her feet and was able to take two steps before the world spun around her, and she screamed as she fell to the floor.

Thianna D is an author of erotica and erotic romance, many of her books either domestic discipline or BDSM in nature. She loves to write about the emotional aspects of these kinds of relationships.
Finding Their Bliss came about from her fantasy about a perfect community where spanking and loving discipline were the norm. She was thrilled with nine other authors joined in to create the Corbin's Bend series, a set of erotic spanking novels and novellas.
She hopes you have enjoyed Finding Their Bliss and that you will check out the other Corbin's Bend books coming Summer 2014.
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