Monday, May 16, 2016


Title:  Hunted
Author:  Claire Thomas
Genre: Dark Erotic
Release Date: May 9, 2016

“Your former life is over. Your apartment will be emptied, your car disposed of, your life erased. You are now the property of Pirate Island, to be used and enjoyed as we see fit. Your life is quite literally in our hands.”

Mara Stevens jumps at the chance for a job at a new premier resort on the North Carolina coast. All she has to do is fly out to the private island and get through one more interview. Unfortunately, what should be a shiny new career opportunity turns into a living nightmare. 

Upon landing, she learns the truth. She’s been taken to serve as a plaything to the owners and their chosen guests—high-powered, dangerous men who see her as nothing more than their sexual toy to use and abuse at their whim.

With no escape possible, Mara is forced to submit to the training and discipline of a sadistic taskmaster—or suffer the consequences. Good girls are rewarded; bad girls are punished—severely. Deep into her harrowing journey of forced sexual servitude and submission, Mara becomes prey for The Hunt. Naked and alone, Mara must summon all her courage and cunning, drawing on the indomitable spirit that still secretly burns inside her. 

If you like dark and dirty, then pick up Hunted.  This is not for everyone, but for those who are in the mood for dark erotica it's perfect.  Be aware that this not a romance novel.  There is however a happily ever after.  Mara is lured to Pirate Island under false pretenses.  Once she arrives she is immediately told that she is now the property of the island, with no more rights.  She has become a sex slave.  

Mara is kept naked, used, abused, and tortured by her new trainers and owners.  For the most part they are disgusting men.  No safewords exist on Pirate Island.  Men can do whatever they want with the women, and they do.  If the women don't comply they are punished.  Mara is abused to the point that she almost has Stockholm syndrome.  One trainer, Alex, who is the most abusive, gets her to really feel like she is worthless.  He tortures her, but he also gets to her.  She develops an almost obsession with pleasing him.  

Alex sounds sexy and sadistic.  I definitely wouldn't want to meet him, but I loved reading about him.

The only real issue I had with Hunted is that the end seemed to come quickly.  Mara seems to move on almost too fast.  But since that was the end it definitely didn't detract from the story.  

I give Hunted FOUR STARS!

 Romance Unbound Publishing, iTunes Excitica and  Smashwords for only $2.99! Hunted is a powerful tribute to the strength of the heroine, who finds romance, an HEA and vindication at the end of her erotic journey. 

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