Friday, May 31, 2013

His Reluctant HouseguestHis Reluctant Houseguest by Stephen Miletus
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

*Copy provided by the author through the BDSM TPE Bar in exchange for an honest review*

I normally love kidnap/capture books and non-con books. Based on the description I thought I'd love this book. It was OK, but didn't live up to my expectations. I know that most of the books I read are written by women and this was written by a man, but I just couldn't relate to the book or the characters. Neither of the two main characters was likeable and I felt that the relationship didn't grow between Drake and Veronica. Drake would torture Veronika one way. Then he'd seem to back off and I thought he'd start feeling something, but then he'd do it again. I know this is a serial book, but usually there's some resolution at the end. I didn't feel like there was here. Maybe it gets resolved in later books, but I can't figure out where the series is going.

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