Monday, August 15, 2016


Title:  Perfect Ten
Author: Nikki Worrell
Release Date:  August 15, 2016

Joe Starling has been stinking rich, and he’s been dirt poor. But from the moment he figured out what makes women scream, he’s been raking in the cash. Not as a prostitute. Not technically…

Sex isn’t officially part of the Perfect Ten escort service’s package. Yet Joe is almost embarrassed to admit his “package” has gotten quite a workout in the past seven years. Truth be told, the ladies want him, and he can’t say no.

Faith Graham’s first reaction to Joe Starling? No. Make that hell no. She needs an average Joe on her arm for her model-thin sister’s wedding. Who will believe a dazzling hunk like him would date the Graham sister who has a few too many curves?

For the first time, Joe experiences what it’s like for a woman to look at him with loathing rather than lust. And he doesn’t like the feeling. Because there is nothing in this world he wants more than to turn her emphatic no into a heartfelt yes. In fact, a lifetime lifetime of yes would work just fine for him…

Perfect Ten is the story of Joe Starling and Faith Graham.  Joe is a sexy male escort.  He knows what women want and he knows what he wants.  He's extremely successful in his profession and has become the top escort for his agency.  Faith's friends "buy" a date for Faith with Joe for Faith's sister's wedding.  Faith is the odd one out in her family.  Her mother and sisters are thing and gorgeous.  Faith has curves and is constantly put down by her family.

Although the date between Joe and Faith is a "paid" date, there is immediate chemistry between the two.  Obviously Faith is attracted to Joe (all women seem to be), but Joe is immediately smitten with Faith.  She's different from other women he "dates" and he likes it.  

Joe wants to see Faith outside of work, but even though she's attracted to him, she doesn't want to date an escort.  To see how Joe win's Faith over you'll have to read the book.

At first I wasn't sure what to think about Joe.  He's very arrogant at the beginning of Perfect Ten.  He knows he's sexy and he seems to flaunt it.  He's a bit of jerk.  But over the pages he changed and I grew to like him.

Faith was real from the beginning.  I felt sorry for her at first, but I could also see her strength.  By the end she was confident and secure in who she was, partly due to Joe.

This was an entertaining story.  I liked it and give Perfect Ten THREE AND A HALF STARS!

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